Emotional CPR


Helen Keller (1880-1968) believed and lived by:

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.”

I believe we were given the gift to make choices for a very special reason. Every choice we make in life has consequences, be them big or small, good or bad, and through those choices we are given an opportunity to learn from them. Choices, I believe, help us to grow and mature on emotional and spiritual levels if we allow them to.

Our lives are connected to a destiny of our choosing. That destiny can be looked at like a puzzle with each piece being a specific time or event in your life. Since life is dynamic and always flowing, it becomes a never ending journey with which you will always be adding and shifting pieces to your puzzle, in essence, changing your destiny. The picture of your puzzle is ever changing… you never know what direction life is going to take you, just go with the flow. You may feel sometimes that connecting the pieces to the right spot is difficult. Sometimes we choose not to see the forest through the trees…we focus too much on individual pieces which obscures us from seeing the big picture. The pieces are infinite and unique just like life’s journey and some of them may seem very similar, but no two pieces are identical. Soon you will make sense of the events in your life and the BIG picture will be clear. Our picture on the canvass of life never ends, it only continues from our physical life to our spiritual life when our physical journey on earth ends. We then can begin our timeless and wonderful spiritual journey with God.

Uncovering Root Emotional Triggers are Vital to Your Health

Emotional CPR is the culmination of years of study into the human condition. Resolving deep emotions holds the key to opening the doorways to health and happiness, while supporting mankind in the Journey of Life. We welcome you to the healing of the heart and emotions using the gift of Emotional CPR.

Emotional CPR is a two part technique that creates both healthy changes in you, as well as introducing a systemic healing process. First, ECPR enhances the understanding of the origins of emotional wounds and what ultimately heals our hearts. The second level of understanding the human condition incorporates Neurological Re-scripting methods, which provide a new way of looking at life. After experiencing this incredible technique, you will see for yourself how powerful this process truly is. As we know what affects the mind and spirit affects the totality of overall physical health. Emotional CPR enables us to address that which affects the roots of illnesses and provides the missing puzzle piece to the emotional component of the total health-and-wellness paradigm.

When taken in conjunction with self-awareness around the nature of the limiting emotional trauma or wound, and broader perspective is achieved, literally as “a-ha” moments. However seemingly subtle these understandings, the nature of consciousness is to perpetually expand. Thus, once you have realized the psycho-emotional limitations and their respective root causes, and the physiology has been supported to shift accordingly as well, the mind-body-soul/emotional systems can integrate and expand into a new sense of freedom. Literally, the system becomes free to ground the true self desires and values in the living world, free of subconscious programs and limitations.

Welcome to the amazing world of Emotional CPR!

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