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 JF, age just shy of 89

A friend recommended a holistic doctor to me. Thank goodness for Dr. Bosco! Not only is he very bright, he is so knowledgeable and so caring. At almost 89 years old, I’m still here, out living my parents by 20 years! His supplements stand alone and have helped me greatly! My medical doctors have even said since I started with Dr. Bosco that I’m healthier and have made more improvements than ever! His supplement recommendations even helped improve my CLL (Chronic lymphocytic leukemia)! Thank you Dr. Bosco!

MS, age 71

"Dr. Bosco has it all!
In addition to overall body aches and joint pain, my knee has been in recovery for the past year from surgery due to a joint infection.
Physical therapy seemed to max out, and just when I thought I was regressing I met Dr. Bosco!
His treatment, care, tools, and knowledge increased the range of motion for my knee so that I was able to walk down the stairs, alternating steps like a 'real person'!
In addition, my overall aches & pain have decreased! Knowledge is power, and Dr. Bosco‘s power is healing!  I am very blessed that my friend referred me to him."

CW, age 77

"I walked into Dr. Bosco’s office feeling nauseated from severe stabbing pain in my right lower back. I was lucky to have my appointment or I would have gone to the emergency room. I thought it was my kidney stones. After the miracle from his knowledge and his techniques, I walked out pain free and no nausea! Thank you Dr. Bosco! You have my full trust! You make my age of 77 feel and look great!!!"

RC, age 48

"I wish I would’ve come to Dr. Bosco earlier. Years ago, I saw his business sign, and then looked up his website, but didn’t go. Within the last year or two, I started having a multitude of little things going on and my exercising became difficult. Overall, I started to feel terrible and my energy was zapped. At 48 years old, I thought this was unacceptable and was annoyed, especially seeing 70+ year olds with more energy and seemingly in better shape than me, and they don’t take care of themselves like I do. I exercise, don’t smoke or drink alcohol, and generally eat healthy. It didn’t make sense. Now, with my recent bloodwork having weird abnormal results, high blood pressure, an odd sensation in my left foot that couldn’t be helped by a general chiropractor, and just not wanting to go to various doctors trying to help that I know doesn’t work, I finally had enough and went to Dr. Bosco! He is amazing and the therapies he offers are truly healing! It’s a one stop all body and mind healing/balancing process. Although I’m just getting started, I have felt a huge difference, and my 14-year-old daughter’s acne has remarkably improved after years of not improving in the slightest and only getting worse! I highly recommend seeing Dr. Bosco because he’ll ascertain the true problem and help get you better fast!"

JB, age 58

"I came in to Dr. Bosco's office with a very painful upper right arm after a month or so seeing another chiropractor several times with no improvement. I left Dr. Bosco's office feeling much better and 80-85% less pain! Dr. Bosco made a big difference with how good my arm is feeling! A lot less pain and much more pain free mobility! I highly recommend seeing Dr. Bosco for any issues you may have!"

KD, age 42

In just a few short sessions, I rediscovered hope, felt relief from chronic pain and released some emotional trauma. I also experienced miraculous healing in an unexpected way from a visual deficiency that troubled me for years. I look forward to what the future holds as I continue to work with Dr. Bosco on my healing journey.

LE, age 64

"I became Dr. Bosco’s patient in the early fall of 2021, shortly after my doctor diagnosed me with a condition called polymyalgia rheumatica. I was given a heavy dose of prednisone and sent home with the information that my condition is chronic, could be permanent or even progressive. Dosage of the steroid would be adjusted depending on the severity of my symptoms. When I asked about the possible cause of this sudden onset of a debilitating condition in an otherwise healthy person, I was told that most likely it's a prior viral infection, stress or any number of other, unknown triggers. Prednisone didn't help much and my condition continued to worsen. Soon I was unable to move my upper arms and shoulders, pain and stiffness extended to my lower arms and hands, then my hips and buttocks became achy and sore. I realized I needed to seek help in places other than my family doctor's office. I went online and spent a good amount of time searching for possible explanations to my predicament.

I learned that PEMF could be a great way to help reduce inflammation and help aid cellular healing. Dr Bosco’s practice utilizes pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) and so I asked for his help. Now, after about 5 months of PEMF, coupled with Dr Bosco’s overall holistic approach, I'm doing so much better! I weaned myself off of prednisone a long time ago, I'm able to move my arms and shoulders and most days I'm almost pain and discomfort free. Thanks to Dr Bosco’s professional advice and recommendations, I made adjustments to my diet and supplements regimen and my overall health continues to improve. I'm not sure if I will be able to heal 100%, but the positive changes in my health are really remarkable!

Dr. Bosco is an amazing professional, caring and talented, passionate about helping people heal in a holistic, natural way. I would highly recommend his practice to anyone who realizes that with many chronic and progressive conditions the "mainstream medicine" is geared towards managing the symptoms of the disease rather than addressing and eliminating the root cause of what ails us. The method Dr Bosco employs – GHK or German Healing Knowledge, is a revolutionary, holistic way of looking at a human body and psyche as an integrated system capable of healing itself. In my opinion - this is the future of modern medicine. Dr. Bosco is one of those few that are well on their way to look at our health in this new, enlightened, holistic perspective. I consider myself to be very lucky to be one of Dr. Bosco's patients!"

BB, age 58 

"I was introduced to the BioHarmony Rejuvenation Center by a good friend who knew I was suffering from total body joint pain. I travel from the Netherlands to continue treatment with Dr Bosco because he combines multiple techniques and treatment to bring my body back into a healthier, pain-free state. I highly recommend Dr Bosco!"

MS, age 53

"I suffered for over two and a half years from Post-herpetic Neuropathy (PHN). Nearly exhausting all other efforts, I was at the point where I could barely walk. I found Dr. Bosco and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, and after only one and a half hours of Pulsed Magnetic Cellular Exercise, I was able to wean off of all medication and started to function nearly pain free! Thanks for getting my life back!"

KG, age 6

"I recently brought my six year old granddaughter to see Dr. Bosco and try the PEMF cellular exercise to see if it would help her UTI and pain associated with it, and after only 40 minutes, she was pain free. My granddaughter is so happy she met Dr. Bosco! Thanks!"

SB, age 48

"Going to Dr. Bosco has changed my life. His office is very inviting and comfortable. Not like many of the previous doctors offices I have been in. His knowledge is absolutely amazing. He is very professional and takes the time to answer all and any questions and concerns. He truly cares about providing the best care for his patients. I have been seeing Dr. Bosco for many years now and will continue. On another note, I highly recommend the foot spa. All in all Dr. Bosco makes going to the "doctors office" a very pleasing and pleasant experience."

JW and kids

"I can honestly say that having seen several specialists & having been told there was nothing they could do except manage the pain I was feeling hopeless. I haven't felt relief from the pain in so long that I had forgotten what a day without pain felt like. And that's just me.....Donnie (my 1yr old) had been miserable from 3months on & it broke my heart to have tried it all and seen little to no change until he saw you! Now he has better balance and the GI issues seem to be nearly obsolete! Finally we get to spend the day playing instead of merely trying to comfort him. And as if all of that wasn't enough my 8yr old (an extremely active soccer player) hasn't complained of feet or joint pain since his visit so he will be coming regularly as well, to keep him healthy and able to do what he loves! Finding a good chiropractor is so difficult & finding one like you is such a blessing! Thank you for all that you do!"

JMP, age 32

"Dr. Bosco is fantastic, and the pulsed electro-magnetic (PEMF) machine is wonderful. I have a puncture would in the bridge of my foot that was causing pain if I tried to walk normally. Dr. Bosco recommended that I try the machine out, and I agreed. He focused the energy on my foot for the first 20 mins, and then my whole body for another ten. Immediately after the treatment, all pain was gone and my foot feels fantastic! Dr. Bosco recommended that I take it easy, and the treatment is supposed to also speed healing time. I'm headed back tomorrow for another treatment! Thank you Dr. Bosco!"

SG, age 48

"Dr. Bosco is awesome. I haven’t felt this great in years. He is a very inspirational and healing person. He gets a great recommendation from me. I am so glad I got to meet him and can't wait to return!"

LB, age 70

"I have been seeing Dr. Bosco for back problems and a lot of pain caused by spinal stenosis. After the first visit my pain was gone and my back problems have gotten much better since doing the exercises he prescribed. There also was a lesion on my spine that has actually gotten smaller as shown on my current MRI! I am very pleased with my results and continue to see Dr. Bosco on a regular basis to keep me pain free! Thank you!"

SCA, age 48

"In my Quest for Total health, as I'm healing from metastatic breast cancer . . . BioHarmony Rejuvenation Center has helped me tremendously. Side effects from treatments are lessening, I'm learning more about how to heal my body and the support is fantastic - they've got my recommendation! Finding this place is another one of my 'Angel Stories' . . ."

LK, age 63

"Dr. Bosco's wellness program provided immediate relief from intestinal problems which had been plaguing me for several years. His sound professional advice and regimen of vitamins and holistic supplements have increased my energy level, and improved my overall health and well-being. His holistic wellness approach has succeeded where other more conventional medical doctors/specialists treatment plans have failed. His personal caring and compassionate approach to my medical concerns were commendable. His treatments, and nutritional recommendations have eliminated frequent pain and discomfort from everyday life, and placed me on- the- road to a more healthy lifestyle! Thank You Dr. Bosco."

NM, age 15 (with parents’ help and permission)

"I was practicing tennis after school and after landing my foot from chasing a ball I felt severe pain in my right hamstring, I thought I tore it. The pain was so bad I couldn’t put any pressure on my right leg and walking was very hard to do. Being the captain of my high school tennis team, I didn’t want to be sidelined and not play. Within an hour of the injury my dad took me to see a new holistic doctor in town, Dr. Chris Bosco, and was able to be seen immediately. Dr. Bosco worked on my knee and leg using new age techniques and technology I’ve never seen before. Half hour to an hour later he was done and when I got up the pain was close to 100% gone and had no pain walking. A couple of hours later after I showered the pain were completely gone! The next day I was surprised to be able to practice tennis with my team at 100% and no pain! I think I even got better. I definitely recommend Dr. Bosco to anyone who plays sports or anything else. He’ll get you back in the game quick."

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